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  1. aikain@hopea1:~$ sudo gnt-instance start ipa.srv.sil
  2. Waiting for job 698507 for ipa.srv.sil ...
  3. Mon Dec  9 16:22:52 2019  - WARNING: Could not prepare block device disk/0 on node uraani1.ranssi.pvl (is_primary=True, pass=2): Error while assembling disk: drbd32: can't make drbd device primary: 32: State change failed: (-2) Need access to UpToDate data\n
  4. Mon Dec  9 16:22:54 2019       Hint: If the message above refers to a secondary node, you can retry the operation using '--force'
  5. Job 698507 for ipa.srv.sil has failed: Failure: command execution error:

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