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  10. Your girls should have got some pics and asked him to go do some blow with them
  12. Wendy,
  14. Hey no problem, I’m happy to change minds and break “types”. Music is my orgasm and I like to share…
  16. J.D
  18. I agree and respect that. Even though he turned down being part of “The Rock” he still had Jay Z produce Food and Liquor and Kanye did some beats also Pharell. It’s like he might as well be an honorary member, nah mean
  20. Caution this post is about hip hop, so if you don’t like hip hop you might want to stop reading here. Also there are a  BUNCH of videos
  21. Everyone has their own favorite “backpack rapper”. Backpack rapper is a term given to those lyricist who instead of rhyming about bitches, ho’s, 24’s and bling (my favorite topics) choose to rhyme about more social issues affecting the hip hop community. From healthcare, to better education, and government aid. The backpack rapper movement got it’s official label back in 2004 when Kanye West ( a sometimes backpack rapper depending on the single) was often seen performing in a corduroy jacket and you guessed it, a backpack.
  23. Truth be told the movement gained notice back in the day with Black Star, a duo consisting of Mos Def and Talib Kweli considered forefathers of the movement other acts such as The Roots and Common have also been around pushing the social consciousness of hip hop. Then cam Kanye who held up a mirror to ourselves to show us our true self. That it’s ok to be socially conscious and want or even like bling and the good life that comes with it at the same time. In pursuing that good life it’s important that we never forget ourselves or get so comfortable that we forget to speak our minds, cough George Bush hates black people cough.

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