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  13. But with any rookie in the game having too much information is the equivalent of handing the first year quarterback the Patriots offense and expecting him to learn every play and the audible by game one. Instead what you should be doing is cutting that playbook in half, focusing on short passes and dump offs. And honestly having too much information at times even happens to the best of us leading to either too much over thinking or a massive pause in doubt of what to do next.
  15. How do you cure game overkill?The first thing is you clear your mind, take a week or two off where you don’t do any approaches or ask for a phone number. Stay in and read a book or watch movies. Hangout with your friends or family whatever. The longer you’ve been in the game the longer this period of restart can be ( I recently had one for two months).
  17. Second, don’t read every game blog out there. Not that some are better than others it’s just that when you really look at it some of the writers in that blogs lifestyle and even region of picking up women don’t pertain to yours. I mean if a 90 year old dude wrote a pickup blog about gaming in a retirement community… would you “need” to read it. Ok maybe for the weirdo who’s into that kind of thing.
  19. Third, after you’ve chosen two or three blogs who’s authors way of life closely matches yours or what you want yours to be like, for a while try not to read the comment section if it’s a very popular blog. If you do try not to read past the first 20 or 30 comments. After that it will inevitably turn into some flame war or the same two or three people having pissing contests with each other trying to prove who knows more about whatever.
  21. Finally as my man Al said, “one inch at a time”. Go for the short term knowledge, learn just enough game to get you to the next step then learn a little bit more. If you have trouble approaching girls why are you learning about relationship game? If you have trouble closing the date with a kiss why are you learning about threesome game? Any game you learn that doesn’t apply directly to your life is wasted energy. Whenever you find yourself in a tough situation with a girl clear your mind, clear the extra thoughts and ask yourself, where do I want this to go next. It’s ok to ask yourself that through the whole pick up, through the whole date, while you’re even banging her.

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