Is There a Free Dating Anyway?

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  15. Now the "hotty" and her boyfriend are having a laugh, and the joke's on you. I do this all the time with the women I date. You're lucky he was so nice about it. I would have tried my best to scare the hell out of you if I knew you had insisted on stalking my girlfriend.
  18. I then decide on a change in strategy; I invite her to hang out with me and a couple other friends of mine that I had introduced her to. I also send out an email to the bio group saying we should do some karaoke that weekend. She says she can't make either of them. A couple days later I send her a text:
  19. Me: I have come to a major realization about you ;-)!
  20. Me (an hr. later): I know why I like you so much and am not giving up so easily on getting to know you. You interested in hearing?
  21. Her: Maybe knowing why would help stopping your interest in me..
  23. I try to reframe it and get her to say she is interested, but she doesn't budge. Then I tell her truthfully:
  25. Me: The reason is excitement! You arouse a level of excitement in me that I have never experienced before. But there is a tragic twist to our story that may make it impossible for us to get close.
  27. 30 minutes pass, then I asked if she has a few minutes after class to talk. She says yes. After class we go outside of the building where our class was (she turned down my offer to go get tea at starbucks). The tone of the conversation is somewhat argumentative. She says it is getting annoying that i keep saying that she is interested in me when she is seeing another guy. Internally my emotional state gets affected slightly, but i refocus and keep the conversation moving. I say she has yet to tell me that she isn't interested in me. She asks if I want her to tell me that. I say I want her to tell me the truth. She says she isn't interested in me. I tell her that her telling me she isn't interested is a screening mechanism for getting rid of guys who are only after sex. She gets a sort of shocked look on her face.

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