becoming more submissive

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  9. I find that being submissive is actually a loving attribute. It tells my husband that I respect his authority and his opinion of how things should go. Will I submit to a spanking? Yes, not that it feels very good because it does not! A serious spanking hurts! Yes, because I know that he is right in his observations of my behavior and I trust him.When he spanks me he DOESN'T break my spirit! It does hurt but he DOES NOT hurt me.
  11. Again, it is not about controlling a woman until she has no mind of her own. I am in a leadership position in my job I have certain qualifications that placed me there and I will not lose any of that.
  12. I will not lose my ability to write or speak publically , I will not lose my personal spiritual beliefs, I have lost nothing! I have gained everything!
  14. I have gained an incredibly loving husband that stands firm with me when I need to be brought back in line, and he does just that! Before Taken In Hand our relationship was good we have always been deeply in love. However my strong will has gotten in the way too many times in situations throughout the years. So now it doesn't! My husband HAS NOT BROKEN my will, he NEVER has broken me nor crushed my spirit. He just will not allow me to have an ATTITUDE when it is inappropriate. That is where Taken In Hand comes in and he has taken to that like a duck takes to water!
  15. I feel truly Blessed in our marriage.

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