The Best Bike Fenders for Commuting

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  1. For transportation cyclists, bumpers are definitely not a severe need, yet they are an unbelievably practical frill for any city rider or suburbanite. Bumpers (or “curved guards” as individuals outside the U.S. call them) are what will shield you from having a skunk stripe on your rear in the event that you ride in the downpour, and a front bumper will help shield your feet and lower legs from the shower in case you’re riding in the downpour or even through a puddle.
  3. In case you’re riding in a heavy deluge, they presumably won’t do a ton to keep you dry, yet even in a light shower, you’ll be dryer, hotter, and more alright with bumpers than without.
  5. Bumpers previously come standard on two or three of the asphalt models – the Boston 8 and the Navigator. On the off chance that you have a Crosstown, Boston, or Fit, you can add bumpers as a frill – the very bumpers that come standard on the Boston 8 and Navigator (we don’t spec bumpers on the entirety of our bicycles on the grounds that – see above – not every person needs/needs them). What’s more, the decent part about these bumpers is that they’re snappy delivery – simple to eliminate in the event that you conclude you don’t need them, or in the event that you need to take them off when the bicycle is collapsed.
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