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  11. Have you spoken with your wife about your earning power, or lack of? I am asking this because I know people who are married to artists, writers or musicians. Part of what attracts them to these people is the artistic drive that artists have. Art does not generally pay well, but creative people are thinkers and there is something attractive about that in itself. Maybe your wife loves you for who you are. Maybe she would not want to change you. Sure it can be frustrating sometimes to be responsible for the financial side of a family sometimes and I am not saying that she never wishes that you would get a "real job" but it may be that in her heart that she loves and accepts that part of you. Maybe she just needs support through the more stressful times of the whole money side of life.
  13. When reading sites like this one it is easy to think that women are all open to a taken in hand relationship. I really do not think this is the case. I am not even sure it would be true for the majority of people. I think you need very much to be wired for it some how. I am not saying that your wife is not wired for it, but you may want to move very cautiously in this area. Has she ever given you any indication that she wanted this?
  15. I wish you luck on your quest. Only you and your wife can know what is right for your marriage.
  17. Take care,
  18. Tevemer

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