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  1. /connect IRCnet
  3. 14:29:11 [IRCnet] Irssi: Looking up irc.inet.fi
  4. 14:29:11 [IRCnet] Irssi: Connecting to irc.inet.fi [] port 6667
  5. 14:29:11 [IRCnet] Irssi: Connection to irc.inet.fi established
  6. 14:29:11 [IRCnet] Please wait while we process your connection.
  7. 14:29:11 [IRCnet] ERROR Closing Link: Tompreos[peltsi@]
  8.           (Unauthorized connection)
  9. 14:29:11 [IRCnet] Irssi: Connection lost to irc.inet.fi

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