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  14. Realist on February 12, 2009 11:00 pm
  15. Lol, come on. Tallywacker is funny. “Hey baby, whadya say we go back to my place and I show you my tallywacker?” You have to say with a British accent though…..
  17. You’re at this point where nothing about women makes you nervous like it used to. You spot an attractive woman across the room by the bar. You walk over with your swagger right, spit some tight game, make her laugh and end up with her phone number. You wait a couple of days before calling and when you do call the conversation is smooth and picks up with the same ease from the bar that first night. You set up the date by suggesting the time and place along with the location and she eagerly agrees.
  19. Now you’re confident that once you’re on the date things will go smooth. The conversation has been mapped out already in your head and the venue is a great date location. There should be nothing to fear but that’s when it hits you that this is a DC girl, and even in July DC girls love the flake. So the day of the date you might hit the gym in the morning instead of the afternoon or go into work early so you can get out a little early leaving you enough time to get ready. You go about your routine and you wait for that magic witching hour where you either get the confirmation text or the flake text.
  21. 90% of flakes texts are going to be work related. She’s finishing up blah blah blah and it’s taking longer than she thought, “let’s reschedule for another time” . The other excuse will have something to do with an emergency involving her friend that needs her. It’s not so much that I’m bothered by the flake or that I even care, what really upsets me is the lack of creativity DC girls have when coming up with a good flake excuse. I mean really work or a friend needs you… two excuses and most of you have an MBA. I just think that if a girl is going to flake don’t pump flake, flake it hard and take it to the hole, try some of these out for a flake text

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