Advantages of Using Node.js

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  1. Speed and Performance — Its non-impeding, input-yield activities make the climate probably the speediest alternative accessible. Code runs rapidly, and that improves the whole run-time climate. This is generally because of its partitioned framework. In any case, it likewise has to do with the way that it runs on Google's V8 JavaScript motor. Its applications are bound to be customized start to finish in Javascript, and that attachment and play interoperability adds to speed and execution.
  3. Flexibility— In a conversation of Node.js advantages and disadvantages programming adaptability is maybe the greatest advantage of all. At the point when you roll out an improvement in Node.js, just that hub is influenced. Where other run time conditions or systems may expect you to make changes right back to the center programming, it doesn't need anything over a change to the hub. What's more, that is incredible for your underlying form, yet for your continuous upkeep also. Furthermore, the best part is that when you consolidate JSON with Node.js, you can without much of a stretch trade data between customer workers and the webserver. Developers can likewise utilize APIs to fabricate TCP, HTTP, DNS, and so on into the worker.

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