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  14. I believe that a lot of guys will just not get it when I write about such topics and try explaining to them that it's not a matter of just saying random words. Alan Roger Currie had the same problem when he wrote Mode One. He basically ended up with a bunch of guys asking women for sex instead of really understanding the undertones of it. It's more than just words.
  16. What a lot of guys don't realize is that although their wording isn't necessarily wrong, their mannerisms and demeanor aren't correct. Would Steve Urkle or Screech come off as any more manly just because they said "I wanna fuck you."? No. Why not? Because their mannerisms and demeanor aren't lined up with the words in their mouths.
  18. They don't get that although they may or may not be saying the correct words, their are other indicators that a woman notice as what I like to call true indicators of your manliness. A lot of guys don't understand that women are MUCH better at judging a guys character than men are. This is precisely why certain pick-up lines work for some guys, but never work for the majority of other men out there.
  20. You can say whatever you want, but women are judging you by more than just your words. They're judging you by your eye contact, your voice tonality and inflections, your movements, how you react to what they say, how calm you are, etc. In other words, they're judging you by more indicators than you can possibly fake.
  22. The only true way to get all of those little things right, or congruent as some would call it, is to truly become a man. You can't be a nerd by day and man by night. That's not how it works. It goes far beyond the bar, nightclub, and women. You have to become a man in all aspects of your life, because if you try to fake it with just words, women are in-tuned enough to know if you really are the dominant man that they seek.
  24. This is sooo fucking long but I SWEAR its worth it

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