The Return Of The American Man

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  14. I suppose I am just not very taken in hand it terms of this subject. For me it is a matter of life and death and if a man is irresponsible for the most precious of gifts-LIFE-then he will not be entrusted with my respect of letting him have the wheel so to speak. It seems to me very childish and selfish for a man to not exercise the utmost of care and responsibility when he gets behing the wheel, not only in terms of being responsible for the life of his wife and child, but for his life as well. After all he has been given the role of leader. I would find it a violation of trust for a man to disregard my feelings on this issue and therefore he would lose my respect in terms of head of household on this matter and I would not allow him the privilege or the honor of my trust in this situation with respect to the safety of my life or my child's. He would be fired! For me being taken in hand is a gift that I have given to my man and I need to feel the security of that trust coming from him in his ability to display making wise driving choices for his family. To sit idly by while he is reckless in this manner is a reflection of me making a terrible mistake in bestowing upon him my trust.
  16. by Precious Baby on 2006 Oct 23 - 16:26 | reply to this comment
  17. Trust and driving
  18. It has always appeared to me that my husband drives too fast and too aggressively, but he doesn't see it that way. He is firmly convinced that he is the world's best driver, and nothing I could say or do is ever going to change his opinion on that. Since I am a non-driver, and a mere woman at that, he doesn't think I have any business expressing an opinion on the subject anyway. I just have to trust that he knows what he is doing, because he is never going to change. And he has never been in a crash in over thirty years of driving, so I suppose he must be getting something right. Any criticism from me of his driving, or his attitude towards other drivers, merely brings down wrath on my head and does no good at all.
  20. Keeping quiet and letting him get on with it is, in the end, probably safer than trying to interfere, which merely irritates him. Driving is one area where he simply will not tolerate any interference from me at all, he sees it as a lack of trust on my part. I don't think of non-interference as sitting idly by, but rather trusting that he knows what he is doing. He believes he does. I just have to trust that he is right.
  22. Louise
  24. by Louise C on 2005 Aug 8 - 03:55 | reply to this comment
  25. You are not mistaken, Louise
  26. Louise, you are not mistaken. It is absolutely vital that the relationship (and the man) take into account the wishes of the woman. It would NOT be a Taken In Hand relationship if a man were to do that to YOU, because YOU would hate it. But for a different individual woman, what I described and what others have talked about would be highly erotic and most definitely what they want.

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