Why being yourself is a good thing!

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  11. by Noone on 2004 Oct 25 - 10:00 | reply to this comment
  12. D/D relationship question
  13. what does "emotional core" mean? what's meant by "persona?
  15. by a Taken In Hand reader on 2005 Jun 17 - 19:38 | reply to this comment
  16. I had a psychology teacher in
  17. I had a psychology teacher in highschool tell us that opposites attract, but that's just attraction. She said that for a relationship to be sustained it is generally easier if the couple has more in common than differences. It would seem to me that it could be the same with dominance. I could see a high dominance woman wanting a man with high dominance (It's boring to be with a "yes dear" man), and a low dominance woman finding the control of a high dominance man oppressive (Someone who is content to live and let live probably doesn't want to be constantly challenged on the decisions she makes).
  19. If a high dominance woman wants a taken in hand relationship the only way she is going to get it is with a high dominance man, so I guess my answer to the question is it would work. It might be slightly more difficult on both parties, but if you want something badly enough you can usually find a way.
  21. Certainly not mine. All of these things would terrify me. Having physical force used against me invariably makes me angry and frightened, on the very few occasions in our marriage when my husband did attempt to use force against me, the consequences were disastrous.
  23. I wouldn't do any of these things to a woman unless you are absolutely sure that this sort of thing is her cup of tea, and I certainly wouldn't advise punching the wall; you could end up with a broken hand.

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