How do you meet single American men for fun?

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  10. Somehow, she mentions she wants to learn Portuguese, and we start talking about Brazil.  All of the sudden, Roosh is my good friend, “Yeah, I have a friend who just got back from Brazil, he was over there for a few months….” and now I’m telling stories I’ve read off of Roosh’s blog like he’s actually a good friend of mine.  Lol.
  12. At some point, some random dude gets a beer and comes and sits down in the chair across from us.  I lean over to him and start talking to him for no reason other than the fact that he just sat down in front of me.  He says something like, “I’m all hot, sweaty and ugly, but the two of y’all are both very attractive people.”  Umm… okay, dude.  I guess.  After I talk to him for a bit, he gets up, “it was nice to meet y’all.”
  14. Army Brat looks at me and says, “I thought you knew him or something.”
  16. “Naw, I don’t know him, he’s just some random dude that just sat down.”
  18. “Yeah, I didn’t even realize that until the end when he said, ‘nice to meet y’all.’”
  20. Eventually, I get up to take a piss.  While I’m taking a piss, I’m thinking how I should bounce her to another bar and ramp up kino.  So, when I get out of the restroom, rather than go back over to her, I go to the bar to close out my tab.  This actually takes a minute. Then, I go back to her and tell her, “C’mon, let’s go hit one of these other bars.”
  22. “Okay, but I have to go the restroom and close my tab.”  She gets up, goes to the restroom and then goes to bar to close her tab, doing the same shit I just did.  I just made her wait on the couch for me, now I’m fucking waiting on the couch for her.  No, big deal, I lean back, chill and pretend to text (I actually check out Vincent’s newest post on my phone – does this make me addicted to game?)
  24. We get out in the street, walk, hold hands, and I bounce her to the same bar I bounced Genie to a month ago.  We get in there, head to the bar and order drinks.  I lean back against the bar and get comfortable, forcing her to stand in front of me to talk to me, while, I’m in a leaned, comfortable position.  We stand here and talk for awhile and then I notice a spot on a nearby couch to sit on.  I grab her hand and take her over there and sit down close to the edge, forcing her to sit close to me.  I lean back, set my beer on the table and spread my arms out across the back of the couch.  Cool, calm, comfortable.
  26. We talking about going out, and she mentions that she hardly ever goes out anymore.  I tell her that’s because she’s “old and boring.”
  28. She agrees that she is “old and boring” now, but “at least I still look young.”

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